Plastic plain bearings be used in auto accelerator and brake pedal

Auto accelerator and brake pedals are in constant use when a motor vehicle is driven. As a result, it is critically important that accelerator and brake pedals be durable and able to operate freely at all times. Prior to the 1970s, powder metallurgy oil-retaining bearings were chiefly used to ensure that these pedals operate smoothly. Unfortunately, the oil in the pores of powder metallurgy oil-retaining bearings volatilizes readily, causing the bearings to fail. Afterwards, three-layer composite self-lubricating bearings were gradually adopted as the best alternative to powder metallurgy oil-retaining bearings.

But although three-layer composite self-lubricating bearings are currently still used extensively in the pivot mechanism of accelerator and brake pedals, following the development of high-performance plastic sleeve materials and technologies, auto design engineers have increasingly adopted plastic plain bearings. Because they are made from high-performance engineering plastic reinforced with high-strength fibers and containing special solid lubricants, EPB13 plastic plain bearings offer sufficient compressive strength and abrasion resistance to ensure a long service life. When these plastic plain bearings are used, there is no need to worry about accelerator or brake pivot mechanisms making noise or suffering intermittent binding, and the sleeves will not rust even after long-term disuse. It should be mentioned that EPB13 plastic plain bearings have a low coefficient of friction, and usually tend to give drivers a lasting sense of smooth operation.