NTN - Xingcheng technology day held successfully

CSB  Xingcheng Special chief engineer Xu Xiaohong presided over the whole exchange activities, and the theme of the report of fatigue life of Xingcheng bearing steel. Xu Xiaohong said that both sides should make communication become a habit based on trust, deep and smooth communication is the foundation of our strategic partners, can provide a different way for both sides to enhance and improve the products, to provide protection for the cooperation between the two sides in the railway transportation, wind power and other high-end areas, like Xingcheng and NTN together to build a better future cooperation, and work together to create a new field in the future to change the characteristics of the product.

The day before, "NTN- Xingcheng technology exchange day in CITIC Pacific Special Steel Group's Jiangyin Xingcheng Special Steel Works Co ended. More than 40 technicians from both sides took part in this activity. Experts have discussed in depth about the advanced research of raw material production, bearing design and manufacture, fatigue life and so on.

Xingcheng Special deputy general manager Xie Wenxin attended the meeting and delivered a speech, review the NTN and Xingcheng exchanges and cooperation for more than 10 years, said the two sides have concluded a reliable partner, hope to continue to strengthen exchanges and cooperation in the future, to achieve a higher and broader field CSB .

The Japanese people spoke highly of the exchanges, exchanges and make them aware of a lot of technology behind Xingcheng bearing steel quality. After visiting the site, also agreed that the site management level Xingcheng company has beyond other competitors including Japan, the same industry at home and abroad, hope such exchanges can hold normalization