New year's message: CSB Bearing Industry Association

With the sound of the new year's bell, we have stepped into the door of the 2018. On the occasion of the arrival of the new year on the occasion, on behalf of CSB  bearing industry association to the hard work of staff in the national bearing industry and related industries in various positions and family, give us great support and trust of customers and partners for a long time, to always care and support bearing industry government leaders and friends from all walks of life, said the most my sincere thanks and best wishes for the new year!

The year 2017 is a challenging and fruitful year for the bearing industry. The whole industry together, the implementation of the bearing industry "13th Five-Year" planning, adhere to scientific and technological innovation, the implementation of environmental policies, the development of high quality products and improve the basis; in the adjustment, significantly enhance the high-end equipment supporting capacity, the overall strength of the industry gradually increased, the overall showing a good momentum of development. By the statistics of November 2017, the revenue of the main business of the whole industry was 15.58% higher than that of the same period last year, and the bearing output increased by 15.50% over the same period. These achievements, thanks to the national development environment to revitalize the real economy, thanks to the joint efforts of all employees of solidarity and encourage the.