LIN plastic linear bearings be used in the lift mechanism

The doffing mechanisms of textile spinning machines have scissors drives, and metal ball linear bearings were formerly used on the sliding location along the guide rod. However, jamming occurs frequently in this environment full of yarn and lint, which can easily cause strain damage to the guide rod and equipment malfunction. After trying sliding bearings, textile machinery design engineers are therefore choosing to use LIN plastic linear bearings as a means of permanently resolving this longstanding problem.

LIN plastic linear bearings are made using the abrasion resistance specialist EPB13 material, which enables them to not only operate permanently without lubrication, but also to avoid any risk of binding. The working surface of LIN plastic linear bearings features a bevel groove, which can not only immediately eliminate any foreign matter on the friction surface, but also allow the shaft to undergo a moderate amount of rotation while sustaining axial motion.