How to maintain Linear Motion System

How to maintain Linear Motion System

Here are some maintenance tips to make linear motion components work properly:

Generally, there is no quality standard for linear guide systems. For clean room or FDA applications, it is beneficial to use self-lubricating bearings. This eliminates any risk of contamination. Self-lubricating rails are the easiest system to maintain.

If using standard linear bearings that needs oil or grease, remember to lubricate them continuously - never run them in a dry state. It will cause severe wear and failure if lack of oil or grease.

Always install the rail on a flat surface. If possible, also ensure that the rail is fully supported along the bottom. Although the large clearance of the plastic bearings helps to offset the need for the most precise installation, correct alignment is essential for the smooth movement of all linear bearing systems.

As far as possible, contact the technical experts of the linear bearing manufacturer to determine the overall service life of the bearing system. Because the increased accuracy translates into higher costs, it is important to treat the loads and speeds that may actually be encountered in the design clearly and honestly. This can take very little time and effort, but it can save a lot of money in the long run.

Like any product or machine, components may fail in extreme environments or due to abuse and negligence. If it is difficult to perform regular maintenance, choose a maintenance-free solution.