Guangzhou International Commercial Smart Equipment Expo 2020-----Meet CSB there

Guangzhou International Commercial Smart Equipment Expo 2020

                     -----Meet CSB there


Time: August 3-5, 2020

Venue: Guangzhou · China Import and Export Fair Complex

Exhibition: M003 005


From August 3-5, the 8th Guangzhou International Self-service Vending System and Facilities Expo (China VMF 2020) was held as scheduled in the Guangzhou · China Import and Export Fair Complex. The scale of this exhibition is 80,000 square meters, with about 700 exhibitors and 80,000+ buyers participating.


The practicability and extensiveness of the self-service vending system and facilities during the epidemic have been unanimously praised by colleagues in the industry. The application of self-service equipment has greatly reduced the alternating transmission of contacts and viruses. Even after the epidemic is over, it will be used for a series of extended applications and penetrate into people's daily lives. China VMF has always attached great importance to international publicity and promotion. Its solid foundation and practical work have been highly recognized by overseas professionals. It is currently supported by consultants and experts from major international industry associations.


As the most prominent sliding bearing solution provider and manufacturer in China, CSB leads a young sales team to Guangzhou to participate in the China VMF 2020 exhibition, booth: M003 005. CSB's professional sales team provided self-lubricating, maintenance-free and low-cost solutions for vending machines, as well as the display of various components at the exhibition.


CSB is a professional manufacturer of maintenance-free self-lubricating materials and bearing research and development. CSB has developed five series of products based on the scientific attention and research of self-lubricating materials for many years: metal-plastic composite base bearings, metal-based sliding bearings, plastic bearings, filament winding bearings and cable drag chains. CSB Zhejiang Changsheng Plastic Bearing Technology Co., Ltd. produces engineering plastic bearings, plastic linear bearings, plastic joint bearings, filament wound bearings, cable drag chains, flexible cables, and linear guide modules. Technical characteristics and application guidelines, CSB published standards Series of materials and their products are suitable for most applications. CSB also focuses on the development and application of customer special materials; research on high-performance polymer self-lubricating modification technology has promoted CSB to gradually become the market leader in the field of non-metallic sliding bearings.