EPB4 plastic plain bearings be used in bottle washing machines

Plastic plain bearings: Among pharmaceutical machinery, the parts comprising the cleaning and drawing-sealing linkage of bottle washing machines play extremely important roles, and the effectiveness of a bottle washing machine will directly affect the operation of downstream bottling and sealing machines. In addition, the key portion of a bottle washing machine is the bottle washing clamp, which is equipped with self-lubricating bearings. 

Bottle washing clamps are in contact with washing fluid for extended periods of time, and must also maintain their precision holding and turning ability. The use of self-lubricating bearings will ensure that the clamps continue to operate smoothly after long-term exposure to washing fluid, and the bearings also maintain long-term wear resistance and precise action. Thanks to their corrosion resistance and excellent wear resistance, EPB4 plastic plain bearings are clearly superior in the pivoting components of bottle washing machines.