EPB14A plastic plain bearings be used in soymilk machines

Because the shaft bearings on soymilk machines must withstand high rotational speeds of up to 15,000 rpm, only powder metallurgy oil-retaining bearings could be used as the sliding bearings in the past. And, because oil-retaining bearings tend to introduce industrial lubricating oil vapor into the soymilk when operating at a temperature of 120°C, the bearings posed a health threat.

EPB14A plastic plain bearings are made of material that has passed the FDA's food sanitation-grade requirements. The EPB14A plastic sleeve material is a composite containing a material with an ultra-low coefficient of friction material and a material with high compressive strength and the ability to withstand high temperatures. A customer found that our EPB14A plastic plain bearings suffered assessment no wear after an endurance test involving 1,000 cycles of high-speed operation (each cycle lasted approximately 15 min.).