Development of high temperature plastic bearing with long plastic bearing

Long Sheng plastic bearing (CSB) has developed a biodegradable plastic for bearing. The heat resistance and strength are improved to the extent that it can be used on the rolling bearing and other components. The tensile strength and rigidity of the polyvinyl alcohol resin are higher than that of the polylactic acid resin by adding fiber reinforced material to the polyvinyl alcohol resin. In addition, the flexibility required for the assembly is obtained by combining with the use of the improver.

The original biodegradable plastics will rapidly deteriorate or dissolve at 120. The newly developed plastics are different, and even if they are placed at 120 centigrade for 1000 hours, they can hardly be deteriorated, so it can be used as a component. The melting point is about 200 c, and the maximum use temperature is 100. The company says that the newly developed plastics are placed in the soil and can be decomposed over 60% in 180 days.

The company tried to make a "highly environmentally friendly rolling bearing" made of the plastic in the maintainer and seal. The internal filled lubricating oil adopts the biodegradable "EXCELLA GREEN NS7 lubricating oil", and the low torque is realized by the shape of the internal and external wheels. The bearing was tested for 10 thousand rpm and 5000 hours at 100 degrees centigrade, confirming the excellent durability of the material.