CSB plastic bearing industrial park was selected to be selected for the fourth batch of regional brand construction of industrial clusters in China

In recent years, Jiashan county to build around CSB plastic bearing "regional brand, focus on the implementation of increasing the variety, quality, brand to" three project ", promote the industry excellence, climbing and brand, business innovation, foster competitive differentiation brand. At the same time, the brand promotion strategy is implemented to accelerate the upgrading of the industrial structure in an all-round way. We should establish and improve the policy incentive mechanism, increase the support of financial funds, guide enterprises to enhance awareness of brand creation, strengthen brand quality awareness, and strive to serve and optimize brand cultivation environment. The brand quality construction of middle and high-end bearings manufacturing, such as mute bearings, automotive bearings and high-end agricultural machinery bearings, has been stepped up. The good momentum of interaction between regional brand and enterprise brand, brand value and core competitiveness has been gradually formed.