CSB plastic bearing data officially launched

China CSB plastic bearing industry network to facilitate the VIP members to grasp the bearing industry development in the official data, WeChat "Chinese CSB Plastic Bearing Industry Association Co axis administrative micro-blog" add "bearing data" column. This column contains information bearing enterprises ranking, monthly statistics analysis, the import and export of key host industry statistics; all Chinese CSB plastic bearing industry network VIP members can login browse, the various types of data are updated monthly, a great convenience to enterprises operators to understand the development of the industry.

"Bearing data" was officially launched in December 6, 2017, and was welcomed and concerned by the leaders of the enterprises at the annual meeting of the 2017 bearing industry.

Welcome the bearing and bearing related enterprises to scan the two-dimensional code below the page, pay attention to the official micro signal "axis Association official website" of China Bearing Industry Association, pay attention to "bearing data", and focus on the development of bearing industry.

The VIP network of enterprises can be the need to browse this information personnel mobile phone number (bound WeChat) to provide China bearing industry to network, these numbers can be added to the database login browse.