CSB® bearings for Railway technology I

CSB® bearings for Railway technology I

Subway and high-speed rail systems operate outdoors all year round, which places high demands on the durability of the vehicle linkage mechanism, and the need for a clean indoor environment means that moving parts may not use lubricants.

Train Brake System

CRG high-load filament-wound bearings: used in train braking systems; these durable bearings can withstand a radial pressure of 160Mpa, and can operate under high outdoor loads without maintenance;

Door System

EPB12 plastic sliding bearing: it can achieve excellent movement under high load conditions; it can be used for the opening/closing actuator of the door system;

LIN plastic linear bearing: used for the switch movement guiding mechanism of the door system; realizing the real maintenance-free and noise-free operation;

Seat System

EPB3 plastic sliding bearing: used in the rear angle adjustment mechanism of the seat system to achieve smooth and noise-free adjustment; EPB3 plastic sliding bearing is used on the CSB high-speed rail seat, and its wear after 250,000 tests under heavy load Almost imperceptible;