CSB® Bearings For Auto-machine I

CSB® Bearings For Auto-machine

EPB series plastic sliding bearings and LIN plastic linear bearings have self-lubricating properties, long service life, dustproof, and almost no noise, which makes them the favorites of automated machinery.


EPB13 plastic sliding bearing: excellent wear resistance; can be applied to the banknote storage and transport mechanism of the ATM to ensure permanent maintenance-free operation;

EPB9 anti-static plastic sliding bearing: It can be used in the cash counting mechanism of ATM machines to eliminate friction and static electricity and ensure accurate counting;

LOAD P=9N;  SPEED N=460RPM; Operation per day = 400cycles/day.

Automatic Ticket Machine

LIN-00 plastic linear bearings: can be used in automatic ticket vending machines; improve mechanical performance and achieve long-term maintenance-free silent operation;