Continuous innovation in the field of Zhejiang CSB plastic bearing vehicles

Innovation is the first driving force to lead the development. Zhejiang Changsheng (CSB) plastic bearing company continues to innovate around automobile bearings, breaking the dominance of foreign countries in this field, and continues to think of higher field climbing, leading the rapid development of enterprises.

When a reporter came to Zhejiang Changsheng plastic bearing company business department to see researchers are around the process character of current world's most advanced automobile bearing automobile bearing is discussed, unlike other areas bearing, it requires high precision bearing, high speed, long time this kind of bearing only two countries in the United States, Japan can produce. In order to break the monopoly of foreign plastic bearings on cars, it has become the world's largest automotive plastic bearing company, the exclusive supplier of General Company in the world. With the improvement of medical requirements, the higher precision and faster plastic bearings become the corner of the market. The researchers continued to develop their vibrational values to 0.01 millimeters and have made breakthroughs.