Changshu Institute Of Technology and Jiashan Changsheng plastic bearing company will sign relevant agreement on industry university research cooperation in the near future.

In order to deepen the integration of production and education, promote the link of education chain, talent chain and industry chain and innovation chain, in the afternoon of March 15th, Jiang Jianming vice president of Changshu Institute Of Technology, deputy director of science and technology industry Fan Bingliang and deputy director Pan Qiyong, Guo Lanzhong and vice president Yang Lan Yu, the dean of the Institute of mechanical engineering, and so on, went to Jiashan Long Sheng plastic bearing Limit the company to discuss the cooperation between school and enterprise.

At the meeting, the two sides focused on the preparation of the "Changshu Institute Of Technology - Changsheng Plastic Bearing Co., Ltd. Jiashan bearing Intelligent Manufacturing Research Institute Co., Ltd.". It is understood that the Research Institute will focus on the high end bearing field, the gathering advantage resources, the promotion of innovation ability and the development of the bearing industry. It will focus on building a high level scientific and technological innovation platform, creating a scientific and technological innovation team with core competitiveness, and forming a batch of key and common technical achievements leading the development of bearing industry. We should build a scientific research base, a technological R & D base and a training base for talents. The two sides held consultations on the organizational structure, operation mode, the attribution of intellectual property rights, and the distribution of interests, and reached a preliminary consensus, and the relevant agreement on the cooperation of production, school and research would be signed in the near future.