Applications and Conditions of Linear Guide Systems

Applications and Conditions of Linear Guide Systems

Those applications involving dirt, dust, sand, debris and other abrasive media may block or even jam the bearings. A machine worth $50,000 may be damaged by a bearing of $8; the motor or drive system may also be damaged.

Using ball bearing technology, these external conditions cause even more damage than plastic bearing. If the rolling element is scratched, if the ball continues to wear, the notch will continue to expand, and eventually the ball will be damaged and unable to roll. In harsh environments, they usually need other equipment to protect the integrity of the bearings: seals, wipers and bellows. This will increase the cost of the ball bearing system without 100% guarantee that the system will not be affected by environmental degradation. These protective elements are not necessary for self-lubricating linear guide systems.

The bearing capacity of plastic linear bearings in wet or harsh environments may be more obvious. Water and chemicals wash away oil from steel linear bearings, thus opening up the potential for metal-to-metal contact. (This can lead to expensive maintenance and replacement costs.) Since self-lubricating bearings are made of plastic, they can resist this threat.

▊ CSB-LIN® linear bearings used in extremely conditions of sands and dusts

CSB-LIN® liners is made from high anti-wear material EPB13. The straight grooves design allows the bearing to be used in the extremely conditions such as in sands and dusts. The straight grooves design allows the sands or dusts entering the grooves and be brought out of the bearing system finally ,but the traditional ball bearings will be blocked by the entered sands or dusts, then the ball bearings moving system and the shaft surface will be damaged.


 CSB-LIN® linear bearings operation with low noise

Metal ball bearings generates high noise by the crashing of balls to the shafts during the operation and the noise will be sharply increased when the operation speed goes higher while the CSB-LIN® plastic linear bearings are with the surface contacting structure which ensures a lower operation noise level.

▊ CSB-LIN® linear bearings allows the access of cleaning solution

CSB-LIN® plastic linear bearings are used in the food packing machine guiding system so it is easily access to the cleaning solutions. Years of application experience proves that the CSB-LIN® plastic linear bearings are corrosion resistant to most kinds of Alkaline cleaning solutions or could be even immerged into the solutions.