Reasons to Use Filament Wound Bearings

Reasons to Use Filament Wound Bearings


Looking for a tough, durable and versatile bearing for an industrial application? A filament wound composite bearing might be the best choice based on several key qualities. Here is the information that you might find it interesting:

In the world of composite bearings, the filament wound bearings are defined as multiple filaments are wound in a helix configuration to improve the strength of bearing wall. The liners are made of PTFE/Nomex/Polyester and intertwined with glass filaments to produce a reinforced structure. This multiple-layer design offers the bearing reinforcement for good reliability and longer service lifetime. The bearings are designed for maintenance-free solutions with preset precision inner diameter dimensions.

What are the benefits to use filament wound composite bearings?


Excellent Elasticity

Filament wound bearings show a good level of elasticity between rigid metals and soft plastics. The bearings are suitable for supporting heavy loads, while having enough flexibility to tolerate shaft misalignment without stressing the ends of bearings.


Shock Absorption

The composite filament wall absorbs shock and vibration in high-stress environments because of the helix configuration. It has the ability to compress and recover under shock and impact conditions during continuous operation.


Corrosion Resistance

The basic materials, special winding technique and multiple-layer construction makes filament bearings good resistance to chemicals, galvanic contact and fretting corrosion.


Available for Versatile motions

Filament wound bearings are excellent applied in oscillating motions at variable frequencies but can also be utilized in lubrication free rotary and linear motions.


Long Service Lifetime

A filament wound composite bearing is best used against a hard shaft with 8~16 rms finish. It makes sure a good resist abrasion and corrosion, and improves overall performance. A choice of best suitable shafts could extend the wear life of a bearing from 500,000 cycles to over 1 million cycles  without lubricants.


Self-lubricating Performance

Filament wound composite bearings operate under dry and grease-free conditions to help you save a lot costs associated with both lubricants and manual work.

The filament wound composite bearings work exceptionally well as a replacement of bronze bearings

 in many applications including transportation, construction, mining and etc.