CRF Filament Wound Bushings

CRF Filament Wound Bushings
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CRF Filament Wound Bushings


CRF Filament Wound Bushings Features

● For dry operation and maintenance-free applications 

● The Max. static load is 150MPa; the Max. dynamic load is 45MPa

● Working temperature continuously: -40 / +130℃

● Excellent anti-wear ability in liquid lubrication

● Machining the inner hole again

▊ Material structure

Materials: Continuous wound high-strength fiber textile encapsulated in a special internally lubricated, high-strength filled resin.

▊ Typical features

Suitable for oil and water lubricating applications 

Excellent wear resistance in liquids Completely machinable

Oil allowed

Typical applications

Hydraulic machinery bearing 

Tie-bar bearing

Package machine

Air pump guide bushes 

Servo-motor bearings

Filament Wound Bushings Technical Data Table


PDF Download: CRF Filament Wound Bushings

Chemical Resistance

Chemical Resistance Table

Standard Specifications

FWB Standard Specifications 1FWB Standard Specifications 2FWB Standard Specifications 3FWB Standard Specifications 4

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